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WISE provides training courses targeted toward educating workers on lead, asbestos, and mold.  We also offer EPA and state accredited Asbestos Courses in association with The Asbestos Institute.

Our training center offers a welcoming and learning-focused environment for all of our students. WISE now also offers live online training for most of our environmental courses.

WISE President, Tom Wise, has supervised over 750 accredited environmental training courses. Please feel free to browse our course catalog to see what classes are available, and our calendar to see which ones are currently scheduled. Additional courses can be offered upon specific request by contacting our training coordinator. We can also perform training at your location, with a minimum student enrollment. For more information, contact


1. Initial AHERA Asbestos Worker (32 hours)IAW$ 550
2. Initial AHERA Asbestos Supervisor (40 hours)IAS$ 890
3. Initial AHERA Inspector (24 hours) IAA$ 540
4. Initial AHERA Management Planner (16 hours)IMP$ 360
5. Initial Asbestos Operations & Maintenance (16 hours)IOM$ 300
6. Initial Asbestos Designated Person (AHERA, 8 hours)IDP$ 150
7. Initial Asbestos Project Monitoring (8 hours)IPM$ 150
8. Initial Asbestos Awareness Training (2 hours)IAA$ 50
9. Initial Asbestos One Component Courses (8 hours each: Roofing, Siding, Pipe)IAIC$150/ea


10. AHERA Asbestos Worker Refresher (8 hours)AWR$ 160
11. AHERA Asbestos Supervisor (8 hours) ASR$ 180
12. AHERA Inspector Refresher (4 hours)AIR$ 100
13. AHERA Management Planner Refresher (4 hours)MPR$ 100
14. Asbestos Operations & Maintenance Refresher (4 hours)OMR$ 100
15. Asbestos One Component Refresher (4 hours each: Roofing, Siding, Pipe)ADR $ 100/ea


16. Initial Lead Safety for Repair, Renovation & Painting - LRRP (EPA 8 hrs.)IRRP$225
17. OSHA Silica in Construction (4 hour)SIL$100


18. Initial OSHA Lead - Level 1, Action Level (5 hours)IOL$ 100
19. OSHA Lead Level 1, Action Level Refresher (2 hours)OLR$ 50
20. Industry Lead Awareness (2 hours)LA$ 50


21. Initial Indoor Air Quality Fungal Awareness (2 hours)IFA$ 75
22. Initial Indoor Air Quality Fungal Worker (16 hours)IFW$ 400
23. Initial Indoor Air Quality Fungal Supervisor Day (24 hours; previous experience required)IFS$ 650


Fit Test Only with Your Respirator (15 minutes Per Person)FIT$ 20 - $25
Fit Test with Respirator supplied by WISE (1/2 mask, North Brand with cartridges) FITRESP$ 75

NOTES: The following notes apply to all available courses:

Wise Team

1. A preset minimum number of participants is needed to conduct courses at these prices. If insufficient numbers are registered, classes may be canceled, postponed, or offered at a higher price. The preset number for most classes is 10, with training at our Reno based Training Center, on-line capable courses, or other local sites. Cut-off times for cancellation/postponement is 48 hours in advance of the first scheduled day of the class.

2. For all refresher courses, you MUST bring a copy of your current certificate. Your refresher course certificate cannot be issued until we have a copy of your current certificate.

3. Courses can be scheduled for the convenience of our clients at your facility and/or available time schedule. Contact Tina Vellone at (775) 827-2717 to make arrangements. These courses are offered for the continuing education benefit of employees and to assist employers to meet regulatory requirements.

4. Courses on this catalog are conducted either by WISE exclusively or in cooperation with WISE  training partners.


Below are general course descriptions. WISE offers a wide variety of courses and with a minimum of 10 students, WISE may be able to conduct training at your site. Please call Tina at (775) 827-2717 for more details.

Asbestos Supervisor (40-hr) – This course offers practical instruction through lectures, demonstrations and hands-on training. An overview of the successful asbestos abatement project includes project planning, work practices, protection of the worker, and project completion. The hands-on training activities focus on protective clothing, respirator inspection and fit testing, containment practices, construction of decontamination facilities, and glove bag procedures. This course meets OSHA Competent Person requirements. Added features include: equipment and supply check list, model respirator planning exercise, roofing abatement information industrial abatement information, and a lecture on supervising workers.

Asbestos Worker (32-hr) – This four-day AHERA course includes background information, health effects, work practices, personal hygiene practices, reparatory protection, medical monitoring and surveillance, air monitoring, review of regulations, insurance and liability and hands-on workshops.

Asbestos Inspector and Assessment (24-hr)  Topics covered in this 3-day course include: legal considerations, health effects, regulations, under standing building systems, inspecting, bulk sampling, assessing the condition, and report writing. Participants will also conduct an actual building inspection during a field exercise. Completing the course and passing the exam will make you a USEPA/AHERA accredited asbestos inspector.

Asbestos Management Planner (16-hr) (Prerequisite is Asbestos Inspector) – Specific topics covered in this two-day program include: understanding the survey results and the hazard assessment scheme, evaluation and selection of control options, operations and maintenance planning, assembling and submitting the management plan, cost estimations and financing abatement. You must become an accredited inspector before you can be accredited as a management planner.

Asbestos Supervisor Refresher (8-hr) – This revised and updated course provides a review of important issues such as work practices, worker protection, and industrial abatement, and offers supervisors an opportunity to get together with others in the field to share experiences. Additionally, it provides an update on new equipment, procedures, and regulations (including the OSHA standard). The USEPA requires each asbestos abatement contractor to be accredited pursuant to the AHERA regulations, and it is required that each supervisor annually maintains this accreditation through additional training such as this course.

Asbestos Worker Refresher (8-hr) – This one-day refresher course provides information regarding changes in state and federal regulations and reviews key aspects of original training: work practices, potential health effects of asbestos exposure, personal protective equipment and safety hazards.

Asbestos Inspector/Management Planner Refresher (8-hr) – This one-day course is an annual refresher program for persons who have taken an EPA-approved Inspector/Management Planner Course. It helps individuals to expand their knowledge and meet the annual refresher training requirements of some state licensing and certification programs. It will also provide the required instructional update for those AHERA accredited inspectors and management planners who want to meet the annual EPA reaccredidation requirements. New information on federal & state regulations will be covered as well as updated information on bulk sampling, sample analysis, dust sampling and liability issues.

Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Refresher (4-hr)  This half-day course is designed as a refresher and will review all major topics discussed in the 16-hour initial training course.

Be advised that postponement of classes may occur if an insufficient number of registrations are received within one week prior to the first day of class.

1. For refresher courses, you MUST bring a copy of your CURRENT certificate to the class.

2. Payments must be made in advance to: WISE Consulting & Training (VISA, MC, Checks, CASH).

3. Contact Tina ( to register for class, or fill out the form and e-mail or fax to WISE.


Lead is toxic metal that was used (and still is) for paints and many products found in and around our homes: even in the toys. jewelry. and candy children are exposed to. Lead also is emitted into the air from industrial sources and construction sites. Lead enters drinking water from solder and plumbing fixtures. Lead may cause a range of health effects. from behavioral problems and learning disabilities. to seizures. and death.
Lead Paint


EPA requires schools to appoint an Asbestos Manager, called the “AHERA Designated Person.” to be responsible for a number of asbestos-related activities. including the implantation of the plan for managing asbestos-containing building materials (ACBM) in the school buildings and compliance with the federal asbestos regulations. EPA staff have observed that the quality of school asbestos programs depend heavily on the dedication and work of the AHERA Designated Person (DP). DP’s who know the AHERA requirements can effectively prevent the release of asbestos fibers through their own actions, as well as their ability to hire and oversee the work of personnel conducting asbestos-related activities at their school buildings. The purpose of this class is to help the designated person understand his or her responsibilities and assist them in complying with the federal asbestos requirements, even when there is little or not asbestos present.

Registration Form

If you wish to print out the registration form and fax to us (775-324-5577) or email ( please click on the below pdf. file and it will allow you to print it out to send.If you would like to fill in the below boxes with the requested information and hit the send button when it is completed, we will receive your registration form and hold a spot for you in class.

For refresher courses, you MUST Bring a copy of your CURRENT certificate to the class. Payments must be made in advance to Wise Consulting and Training. Acceptable forms of payment include VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Checks and Cash.
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